We help early stage, Cleantech companies who have more than a great idea and need hands on help accessing the best markets and sources of investment. 

Over the last two years we have talked to sixty four early stage companies, investors and government agencies across North America, Europe, Australia and Israel to understand the challenges and opportunities that exist for building sustainable clean technology businesses.

We found that whilst there is alot of support for companies in their first few years of operation, many struggle to secure sufficient investment to enable them to accelerate revenue growth to $1 million or above, which is typically a mandatory requirement for obtaining Series A investment from social impact banks, venture capital or private equity.

This phase is often termed the "Valley of Death" because it is the point at which an early stage company is most likely to suffer the hardships of a lack of substantial investment or customer base needed to grow the business. 

kibikibi Partners helps companies attract the money they need to support the next critical stage of growth. We start by ensuring that the early stage business and its products are viable and attractive to investors. This requires completing due diligence about the team, market, product, and commercial viability of the business. 

We don't stop at providing clear advice on strengths and weaknesses that the business needs to address. We also get our sleeves rolled up and take on roles to tackle the gaps.

To date this has included building and executing sales pipeline, leading digital and physical marketing campaigns, commercial planning and talking to the market to ensure product developers build what the market needs (product management). 

We have proven expertise and a global network capable of opening up market opportunities in new geographies, sectors, either for investment, customer pipeline or both. 

" We are looking for a new market and we need help to take the first steps. I see they have more stake in succeeding than a larger firm. There is more investment." -Thor Bachmann, Icewind

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