Our focus is on generating impact investment for clean tech companies by accelerating their growth and expanding their networks. 

Our job is to help investors find talented early stage companies who fit their investment profile. We help early stage companies become investor ready by ensuring that they position themselves competitively and attractively to the right investors.  

We've learnt that early stage companies aren't necessarily connected to, or confident in front of investors who can help them to grow. 

They also have limited experience in putting together the information required by investors to make the right first impression. 

We engage with investors who will genuinely understand our clients products and business model. They recognise the specific challenges of moving out of a start up environment where funding has come from academic institutions, grant funding and friends and family. The know that their role is to provide expertise and guidance to the company, not just funding.

However investors have clear expectations and requirements of businesses at this stage of growth, which pivots around the ability to demonstrate what one investor has termed "a clear pathway to growth".  

We also help to build the customer pipeline investors will expect to see as part of the investment plan.

We help Boards and CEO's package up the key information about their company to ensure that investors can make fast, commercial decisions and "ring the bell".

To help you accelerate growth kibikibi Partners has developed the definitive Investor Pack, based on our own findings, that of our global investor network, clients that have sought funding and other publicly quoted sources.

The purpose of this pack is to simplify these insights in order to help save you time, effort and valuable resource when creating a compelling document that will engage investors.

"Working with kibikibi has been excellent. They bring a very strong strategic and commercial skill set to the conversation and always come from the perspective of how they can add the most value to our business. Thanks guys!" - Andrew Hunt, Co-Founder & CEO, Aduna.


Any company trying to secure investment money needs to carefully position itself in a way that makes it easy for an investor to make a decision to invest. Many companies fail to get the funds and support they need because they have been unclear about the business problem they are solving, or they've pitched it to the wrong investors.

kibikibi Partners is experienced in working directly with investors on a one to one basis to understand their specific investment priorities. We do not get involved in beauty parades and we don't charge you for introductions. Our fees are based on the injection of commercial insight that will benefit companies at an operational level and will be imperative to attracting commercial investors.

Our investor network spans North America, Europe, Australia, China and Israel. To find out how we can help you position your company with the right global investors contact us for a free consultation.

"After working with kibikibi Partners, we now have the ability to walk into a room with customers and investors and speak with confidence in an impartial way that shows our relevancy and timely applicability to the marketplace." Natural Resources Limited.