We specialise in connecting early stage companies to large consumer marketplaces. Our objective is to give them scope to scale across categories and borders. 

Building a sustainable, multi year customer pipeline is crucial to securing the long term stability of any business. Often early stage companies have invested in the technological development of the product and have some limited exposure to the market. They might have successfully achieved a Proof of Concept (POC's)and have reached a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). However they have had limited funds to retain the professional sales and marketing expertise required to build a robust Go To Market strategy to enter the right markets with the right messages in order to attract customers most likely to invest in the product innovation they offer. 

In every industry there are individuals and companies who gain competitive edge by being innovation leaders. They want to be first to market with unique and exciting products and services. We deliberately hunt out these trail blazing organisations because this is where new technology is most likely to gain traction. We work with leading SME's and influencers inside large consumer goods companies who are responsible for seeking out Cleantech innovation and supply chain efficiencies and have budget to work with early stage companies on POC's, Advanced Purchase Orders or straight sales. 

These targeted relationships enable us to talk to the market, without bias and listen, gauge serious interest, identify key stakeholders and create interesting collaboration opportunities. In doing this we are able to accelerate the market and growth opportunity for the clients we represent.  

We are currently working with companies who span the FMCG world, as well as certified and aspiring BCorps, and companies rated for their ethical standards. 


"We want someone who's an expert in the sales and marketing environment.  We aren’t looking for technical expertise. We need to work with someone who is comfortable with technology, with the sorts of people who work in this type of business and understand how to do the important things for the market." Martin Lamb, Chairman, Enval

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